Replacing Your Car's Damaged Windshield

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The windshield of your car can be among the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle. Unfortunately, this means that the windshield may need to be replaced at some point during the time that you own your vehicle.

What Would Cause A Crack In A Windshield To Require The Entire Piece Of Glass To Be Replaced?

In many cases, chips and cracks in the auto glass can be repaired without having to resort to fully replacing the windshield. Unfortunately, large cracks or chips that are extremely deep may not be repairable with traditional auto glass resin. Unfortunately, instances of auto glass damage that are otherwise minor can worsen over time, which can lead to them eventually being unable to be repaired with resins or other conventional options. This can occur particularly quickly if a pebble or other small piece of debris strikes the windshield after it has already suffered compromising damage.

Will A Replacement Windshield Be As Durable As The Original?

A car owner may assume that a replacement windshield will always be far less durable than the original auto glass. Luckily, this is rarely the case as your auto glass repair provider will use the same quality of glass as your car's manufacturer. In some cases, these professionals may even be able to order a replacement pane of glass from your manufacturer so that there will be no difference between the replacement and the original. Additionally, it is important to note that the cracks or chips in your car's glass can substantially weaken it so that it will be far less durable, and any quality replacement pane will be more durable than the damaged pane.

What If Your Car's Windows Are Tinted And You Need A New Windshield?

Many individuals will have invested in having a tint applied to their car's windows. This can be an important feature that will reduce the glare that you will have to experience while you are driving. Fortunately, the fact that your windshield is tinted will have little impact on the process of replacing it. Once the new windshield has been installed, you can have a new tint applied to it so that it will match the rest of your vehicle. In fact, many windshield replacement providers will be able to apply a tint to your car's auto glass shortly after they replace it. This will allow you to minimize the time that you have to drive your vehicle without the protection that a tinted windshield can offer for your eyes.

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