What To Do When You Need Auto Glass Repair Service

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If your auto glass has sustained damage, you'll need to have it fixed as soon as possible. Broken auto glass compromises the safety of your vehicle, and it can cause a car accident if it isn't addressed promptly. Here are four things you should do when you realize that you need auto glass repair services.

1. Ask for a price quote.

Before agreeing to any repair service, you can always ask for a price quote. A price quote will let you know how much you can expect to pay. Most auto glass repair technicians can provide a quote without seeing your car in person. You'll simply need to describe the damage to them over the phone or in an email. You should also let them know the make and model of your car since they can factor into the overall cost of repairs. For the most accurate quote possible, take pictures of your auto glass damage and send them along with your price inquiry.

2. Arrange for assistance from your insurance company.

Auto glass damage may be covered by your auto insurance policy. Many types of auto glass damage occur when the driver is not at fault. For instance, falling objects or stray rocks can easily crack a windshield. Many people crack or chip their windshields while simply driving on the highway. Call your insurance company to find out if auto glass repairs are covered by your policy. In many cases, an auto glass repair claim will not cause your premium to increase.

3. Call for mobile windshield repair services.

Many auto glass problems can be resolved at your home or office. To find out if you're eligible for mobile repair services, ask your auto glass repair shop. Small cracks and chips can usually be repaired using resin epoxy, which is highly portable. Mobile windshield repair services are convenient and fast. They can be performed in your garage or driveway, which will save you a trip to the auto body shop. Certain auto glass repairs cannot be performed on an outcall basis, such as full windshield replacements. Your repair technician will be able to advise you.

4. Follow your repair technician's instructions.

Your auto glass repair technician may have instructions for you to follow after your repair service has concluded. For instance, you may be asked to park your car away from trees that may drop debris until the epoxy has finished curing. Following your repair technician's instructions will ensure that your auto glass repair work lasts.

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