4 Ways You Can Damage Your Windshield

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Your windshield helps protect you and keep you safe. It is important to keep your windshield in good condition. There are some surprising things that you can do that can damage the front glass, and lead to the need to get it replaced.

Way #1: Using Old Windshield Wipers

You should change out your windshield wipers at least once or twice a year. You shouldn't be driving around with wipers that are years old. Over time, your wipers are going to wear down, and scratch the glass, causing the glass to weaken. Using old wipers is an easy way to damage your windshield so that it needs to be replaced. You can extend the life of your glass by using new wipers.

Way #2: Leaving Aerosol Containers in Your Car

Second, aerosol containers have lots of uses. You may keep an aerosol air freshener container in your car or an aerosol tire refill container in your car. If you leave an aerosol container in your car all day, especially when it is hot, the container could easily explode and hit the front glass, cracking it from the inside. If your windshield is cracked from the inside, it will need to be replaced right away.

If you want your car to smell good in the summer, use a gel air freshener instead.

Way #3: Using the Wrong Cleaners

What you clean your windows, you need to pay attention to the type of cleaner that you use. Most windshields have a UV coating on them. This UV coating helps filter out UV rays and helps protect the glass from damage. Using a regular glass cleaner will remove the protective UV layers, which will weaken the glass. Over time, this may cause your windshield to become damaged more easily, leading to the need to replace it. 

Way #4: Ignoring Damage

Finally, one of the worst things you can do is ignore damage.  If you see a small crack or issue with your windshield, you should not ignore that damage. Instead, you need to get that damage fixed right away. If your windshield has a little damage, and you allow that damage to spread, you are more likely going to need windshield replacement instead of just fixing it.

You can protect your windshield by replacing the windshield wipers on a regular basis, keep aerosol containers out of your car, and use the right cleaner on the glass. If your windshield does get damage, get the damage fixed right away. You always want to have a strong windshield.